What is your spiritual/religious background?

The Roving Rev was ordained by Universal Life Church on 1 January, 2010.  In November of 2017, she also earned her Spiritual Humanist credentials.  She joined the Pagan Federation of Ireland in 2020. Locally, she attends shamanic gatherings and on occasion pops into Catholic Mass or Unitarian services.  Reverend Ryan self-identifies as spiritual. Overall,  The Roving Rev follows the ULC credo: to do that which is right. More info on Spiritual Humanism can be found here: Spiritual Humanism Practices

ULC – is that the online church?

Universal Life Church is both online and brick and mortar. This non-profit Church  has over 5000 congregants and is located at 1425 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! Reverend Ryan is available to meet you  FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom video chat.

How much is your fee?

Each ceremony is unique. Reverend Ryan gratefully accepts offerings from 295-425, based on the details of your ceremony.

What is your favourite type of ceremony to officiate?

I prefer symbolic ceremonies that really centre on the love between the couple. A couple that wishes to commemorate their love and commitment to each other before friends and/or family, regardless of the legal paper, truly inspires and warms my heart. However, I do recognize the importance of a legal marriage for insurance, healthcare or financial purposes, if that is important to the couple. Please note that I can only offer symbolic ceremonies in Ireland, as a Wedding Celebrant, as the GRO has yet to offer reciprocity with American Solemnisers.

What is the etiquette for paying the balance or tipping a Celebrant?

Generally, the balance is paid in cash  immediately before the wedding. The Best Man or Maid of Honour is usually entrusted with handing the Reverend a discreet envelope containing the balance and any gratuity. If the couple chooses to pay the balance by debit or credit card on their wedding day, a card reader processing fee of 10 euros will be added. A tip envelope for outstanding service may also be handed to the Reverend directly following the ceremony.  Here is an article that explains tipping etiquette nicely:

Tipping your Celebrant

Do we need to invite our Celebrant to the Reception?

It is always nice to be invited and included. However, Celebrants rarely attend the Reception following the Ceremony unless they know the Couple very well. On occasion, Reverend Ryan will toast the Couple or  take pictures with the Wedding Party.

Do you offer pre-marital counselling?

Yes!  In fact, Reverend Ryan is also a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and Clinical Integrative Supervisor, fully accredited through the IACP.  She studied Marriage and Family Therapy at The College of New Jersey, as part of her graduate program in Counselling. She believes that Love, Friendship and Fidelity with a healthy dose of honesty, good communication and intimacy make up a good marriage.

What is your timeline if we decide you are the One!

First of all, thank you for choosing me! I know there are quite a few Wedding Celebrants out there, so I am glad you found me. I have heard that my fees are more than reasonable, being tri-lingual is a plus and so is being a counsellor! So once we are under contract, we have met or chatted via email, phone or video and I have received your Stripe non-refundable booking fee of 95 euros, we are off and running! I typically send some ceremony ideas to you via email within a week. Then, I generally float more ideas your way as my creative process allows.

Within 2 weeks of your wedding date, we are emailing and calling more frequently, with final approval of the ceremony the week before your big dayI deliberately hold onto the initial draft as it has been my experience that couples may find a poem or another element that appeals to them closer to their actual wedding date. This saves time for both myself and the couple, reducing revisions to the specially crafted ceremony wording.

Why do you use the title Rev.?

I am an ordained Reverend. Rev. is short for that title. I celebrate weddings all over Ireland. Thus The Roving Rev!

What does your fee include?

The Roving Rev’s fee is, for the most part, all-inclusive. It includes:

* initial consult of 30 minutes via phone/video or  in-person at home office or mutually convenient hotel lounge .

* multiple communications via video chat, email, text message and/or phone.

* calligraph and sign keepsake Marriage Certificate

* officiate ceremony

* special presentations such as unity candle, rose, sand, etc. (materials supplied by couple)

* translation of any or entire ceremony into French or Spanish

* set wedding playlist on iPhone or IPod and played on Bose speaker (upon request and site permitting)

* same day rehearsal

additional fees apply for:

– petrol costs in an economic recession

attendance and facilitation of advance rehearsal

– live streaming of the ceremony may be possible to a relative who cannot be present via Zoom.

– premarital counselling (usually 1-3 one hour sessions)

Kindly remember that most wedding budgets allow 3% for the ceremony. That includes the Celebrant’s fee and materials such as unity candles, candleholders, handfasting cords, page boy pillow, flower girl’s basket, signage, ceremony brochure, and ceremony flowers. Typical Celebrant fees in Ireland range from €400- €800.