Elope to Ireland

Eloping to Ireland? The Roving Rev can help you coordinate and organise your wedding ceremony on the Emerald Isle. Whether you only have a week to plan or months, get in touch with the Roving Rev who can help you select vendors and suppliers for your Big Day Away! Keeping it …simply beautiful is what Em Ryan at The Roving Rev does best. Why worry about your elopement details when The Roving Rev can curate your ceremony for you for a wee little fee!

Smaller, boutique ceremonies and mini-moons are on the rise so book today for your 2022 Irish wedding. Enjoy the elopement you always dreamed of having.

Please visit The Roving Rev’s Blog for more information on how to Elope to Ireland. In the meantime, enjoy these stunning images from elopements and ceremonies that the Roving Rev has officiated around Ireland.

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