On Eloping to Ireland

More couples are eloping to the Emerald Isle! Here’s why:

Frazzled? Fed up with seating arrangements? Walking on eggshells around family trying to control your wedding day? Tired of being a people pleaser? Want to focus on your love more than anything else?

You have come to the right place. Elopements are gaining momentum with more couples taking to the friendly skies and having a simply beautiful ceremony abroad. Ireland is becoming a favourite country for destination weddings. It’s lush countryside provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor ceremonies. Some couples come from America, Australia, England and all over to celebrate and honour their love on the Emerald Isle.

If you are considering eloping, look no further. Em Ryan, has coordinated many weddings since 2010, offering tips and tricks to couples as they plan their overseas wedding. An American expat and Irish citizen, Em is well able to guide you through the steps needed to have a lovely elopement in Ireland. And, it is actually easier than planning a big wedding in your home country with a multitude of wedding vendors and suppliers to coordinate there.

Let The Roving Rev do the light lifting for you. Because it is your wedding, your way, when you elope! No egos to dance around. No feuding family members to placate. Just you and your partner, looking into each others’ eyes, holding hands, and saying your “I Do’s”.

How about a castle setting? A manor house? A sacred site, perhaps? Some places require permits and whatnot but to keep it simple, Em can recommend exquisite sites for your pop up/flash mob wedding, which is her specialty.

Let Em coordinate the particulars and answer any questions you may have about:

*transporting your gown and/or tux

*preferred photographers experienced in elopements ready to capture your ceremony before, during and after

*hair and makeup suggestions

*bridal floral bouquet and groom’s boutonniere ideas

*ceremony music playlist

Note that the above is a short list. If you are interested in eloping, you know that the shorter the to-do list, the better. Let Em, The Roving Rev, carefully curate your elopement ceremony and leave the details to her.

Trying to navigate the Irish legal marriage process is daunting. The Roving Rev highly recommends avoiding the HSE (Health Service Executive) and their requirements to give more than 3 months notification of your Irish wedding. This usually involves a preliminary trip to Ireland to fill out the paperwork during the workweek. In her experience, it is easier and less expensive to do the legal bit in your home country before flying or ferrying over to Ireland.

Also, the flipside of marriage is divorce. Hopefully you will never have to go there, but if you do, Irish divorces are extremely expensive and take many years of litigation. Currently, there is a 2 year mandatory separation period before a couple can even apply for a divorce.

So, let the Roving Rev, smooth the road ahead for you. Keep it simple and sincere and have your ceremony here! The Roving Rev has wed over 100 happy couples in America and Ireland since 2010. She officiates symbolic ceremonies and hand blessings in every county, North and South, on the island of Ireland. Get in touch today! +353 083 859 9551. Message the Roving Rev on Whats App or Viber or give her a ring! mel-and-greg-hand-blessing-b-n-welope sacred site 1