Budget Bride

Hi Celtic Couples! The Roving Rev has arrived from America! And she is ready to celebrate your wedding! Yes, she has an American accent, right out of the movies, so if that is something you are interested in, let’s get started.

She also has some budget tips for euro-conscious couples. Here they are!

Expect to spend 3% of your wedding budget on your Celebrant.

Interview potential celebrants prior to choosing your perfect match.

Shopping for wedding favors at EuroGiant or Dealz makes for a savvy couple.

Remember to purchase your ceremony items and bring them to your ceremony venue. For example, you may wish to include a Unity Candle, handfasting cords, Unity Sand, or loving cup. Whatever the special ritual, these items need to be bought in advance along with the rings, ring bearer pillow, aisle runner, pew bows, flower basket, flower petals, ceremony flowers, etc.

Your ceremony does not need to be expensive to look expensive. Ask Reverend Rian for more tips when you interview her. She would be happy to share from her years of experience marrying happy couples.